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You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going (YDKJS), JavaScript Book 1, 1st edition, by Kyle Simpson, 2015

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You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going, (YDKJSY), JavaScript Book 1, 1st edition, by Kyle Simpson, 2015, 1491924462 (YDKJS-1)

The new version is You Don’t Know JS Yet: Get Started (YDKJSY), JavaScript Book 1, 2nd edition, by Kyle Simpson, 2020, B084BNMN7T (YDKJSY-1)

Fair Use Source: 1491924462 (YDKJS-1)

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Kyle Simpson is an Open Web evangelist from Austin, Texas, who’s passionate about all things JavaScript. He’s an author, workshop trainer, tech speaker, and OSS contributor/leader.,

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