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Python Conference (PyCon)

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“The Python Conference (also called PyCon[1]:564) is the largest[2][3] annual convention for the discussion and promotion of the Python programming language.[4][5] It originated in the United States but is also held in more than 40 other countries.[6][7][8] It was one of the first computer programming conferences to develop and adhere to a code of conduct.[1]:565 The conference hosts tutorials, demonstrations and training sessions.[9](WP)

“PyCon 2020 was listed as (one of) “The best software engineering conferences (to attend) of 2020” and “As Python becomes ever more popular in the scientific community and for big data, the influence of PyCon will continue to grow.”[10] PyCon is often attended by Guido van Rossum (the creator of the Python language).[2][11] It is often referred to in published articles.[13][14](WP)

“It is organized by the Python Software Foundation, and is supported by many significant companies, including Microsoft,[15][16] Google,[17] and Facebook.[18]” (WP)


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