Buddha-Dharma-Sangha History

Namo – Namas

“I Take Refuge in the Triple Jewel (Namo Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha)”

नमस् n. namas means obeisance. (SSO)

Nama (नम) is general salutation. Namo namah is actually repeating it twice (first one is pronounced as Namo while being repeated)

There is an alternate explanation given by some Hindu acharyas. “Na” in Sanskrit is negation, “Ma” means “mine”. If we join them together then we can derive a meaning “Not mine”. When we pray to Buddhas / Gods, we repeat that whatever we are getting in this world is actually “not mine” (indirectly we are referring that it is because of the Deity’s blessings).

नमस् m. namas salutation
नमस्ते phrase namaste I bow to you. [Yoga]
नमस्ते sent. namaste salute you
नमस्कार m. namaskAra Hello! [formal]
नमस्कारः expr. namaskAraH Good afternoon
नमस्कारः expr. namaskAraH Good evening.
नमस्करोति { नमस्- कृ } verb 8 namaskaroti { namas- kR } salute
नमस्कारः, आगच्छ. sentence namaskAraH, Agaccha. Good morning, please come.
अहं त्वां नमस्कारोमि sent. ahaM tvAM namaskAromi I salute you.
नमस्कारः, कुशलम् किम्? sentence namaskAraH, kuzalam kim? Good morning. How do you do?
नमस् n. namas thunderbolt
नमस् n. namas reverential salutation
नमस् m. namas inarticulate cry
नमस् n. namas gift
नमस् n. namas food
नमस् n. namas donation
नमस् n. namas bow
नमस् n. namas adoration
नमस् n. namas homage
नमस adj. namasa kind
नमस adj. namasa favourable
नमस m. namasa agreement
नमस्य adj. namasya venerable or humble
नमस्य adj. namasya deserving or paying homage
नमस्ते sent. namaste Hello ! [formal]
नमस्यु adj. namasyu worshipping
नमस्या f. namasyA reverence
नमस्यु adj. namasyu doing homage
नमस्यु adj. namasyu bowing down
नमस्या f. namasyA adoration
नामशेष adj. nAmazeSa having only the name left i.e. dead
नामशेष m. nAmazeSa death
नमस्विन् adj. namasvin worshipping
नमसान adj. namasAna worshipping
नमसित adj. namasita worshipped
नमस्विन् adj. namasvin reverential
नमसित adj. namasita reverenced
नमस्वत् adj. namasvat paying or inspiring veneration
नमसान adj. namasAna paying obeisance
नमस्यति { नमस्य } verb namasyati { namasya } be humble or deferential
नमस्यति { नमस्य } verb namasyati { namasya } worship
नमस्यति { नमस्य } verb namasyati { namasya } pay homage
नामशुण्डी f. nAmazuNDI kind of gourd
नमस्कार m. namaskAra sort of poison
नमस्कारी f. namaskArI kind of plant
नमस्कृति f. namaskRti homage
नमस्कार m. namaskAra homage
नमस्कार m. namaskAra exclamation
नमस्कृति f. namaskRti adoration


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