First 64-bit microprocessors introduced with MIPS R4000 and DEC Alpha RISC – 1992 AD

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First 64-bit microprocessors; the first 64-bit variant of MIPS, the MIPS R4000 was introduced in 1992 (announced October 1, 1991) and another major RISC microprocessor, DEC Alpha (no longer produced), was also introduced in 1992. Intel had introduced the Intel i860 RISC microprocessor in 1989, marketed as a “64-Bit Microprocessor”, while it had essentially a 32-bit architecture (non-pure “32/64-bit”), enhanced with a 3D Graphics Unit capable of 64-bit. Computers with 64-bit registers (but not addressing, and not microprocessors) had appeared decades earlier, as far back as IBM 7030 Stretch (considered a failure) in 1962, and in the Cray-1 supercomputer installed at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1976.

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