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The Elm tangram
Designed byEvan Czaplicki
First appearedMarch 30, 2012; 8 years ago[1]
Stable release0.19.1 / October 21, 2019; 16 months ago[2]
Typing disciplineStaticStrongInferred
LicensePermissive (Revised BSD)[3]
Filename extensions.elm 
Influenced by
HaskellStandard MLOCamlF#
Redux,[4] Vuex[5]

Elm is a domain-specific programming language for declaratively creating web browser-based graphical user interfaces. Elm is purely functional, and is developed with emphasis on usability, performance, and robustness. It advertises “no runtime exceptions in practice”,[6] made possible by the Elm compiler’s static type checking.” (WP)


“Elm was initially designed by Evan Czaplicki as his thesis in 2012.[7] The first release of Elm came with many examples and an online editor that made it easy to try out in a web browser.[8] Evan joined Prezi in 2013 to work on Elm,[9] and in 2016 moved to NoRedInk as an Open Source Engineer, also starting the Elm Software Foundation.[10]” (WP)

“The initial implementation of the Elm compiler targets HTMLCSS, and JavaScript.[11] The set of core tools has continued to expand, now including a REPL,[12] package manager,[13] time-travelling debugger,[14] and installers for macOS and Windows.[15] Elm also has an ecosystem of community created libraries and Ellie, an advanced online editor that allows saved work and inclusion of community libraries.” (WP)

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