Buddha bless the USA and our GEOTUS-POTUS-President Donald Trump!

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Medicine King Bodhisattva Jeweled Ax Mantra 16 (Line 64 of the Great Compassion Mantra of Avalokiteshvara) of the 42 Hands and Eyes Mantras: Syi lu seng e mu chywe ye Nan Wei la ye Wei la ye Sa wa he.

Having worked in IT since 1982, Ayurveda since 1997, Cloud Monk is in retreat / retired from both IT and Ayurveda, but never retired or retreating from the Buddha Dharma.

As a Buddhist I must speak out against the evil now in the world. Though retired from IT consulting, I am busy as an amateur historian for all of 2021 soaking in History with a focus on writing a book on American History. The book is about the insanity of Communism-Socialism-National Socialism-Marxism-Maoism-Democratic Socialism and the dangers of the Liberal Media Industrial Complex and the Dangers of Technology and the evil authoritarian Big Brother Big Tech Surveillance State. MAGA-KAG!

MAGA KAG President Donald J. Trump - the Patriot GEOTUS POTUS God Emperor of the US - Make America Great Again - Keep America Great - Heck off Commies!

Heck off Commie!


I advocate the freedom to inquire about any and all topics relevant to human and planetary health, the free flow of information without censorship, and the autonomy and natural rights of each individual.

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