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Bibliography of Buddhist Texts – The Buddha Dharma

Abbreviations of BTTS Publications

Texts from Ven. Buddhist Master Hsuan Hua

ASAmitābha Sutra (AS)
BNSBrahma Net Sutra (BNS)
BRFBuddha Root Farm (BRF)
CLCherishing Life (CL)
CPLCh’an and Pure Land Dharma Talks (CPL) (reprinted in LY, vol. 2)
DFSDharma Flower SutraLotus Sutra or Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra – White Lotus of the True Dharma (DFS)
DSDhāraṇī Sutra – Dharani Sutra – Thousand Handed Thousand Eyed Dharani Sutra – The Sutra of the Vast, Great, Full, Unimpeded Great Compassion Heart Dhāraṇī of the Thousand-Handed, Thousand-Eyed Bodhisattva Who Regards the World’s Sounds (Avalokiteshvara Guanyin) – 千手千眼陀羅尼經 (DS)
EDREntering the Dharma Realm (EDR) (FAS, ch. 39)
FASFlower Adornment Sutra – Avatamsaka – Mahāvaipulya Buddhāvataṃsaka Sūtra (FAS)
FASPFlower Adornment Sutra Prologue (FASP)
FASVPFlower Adornment Sutra Verse Preface (FASVP)
FHSFiliality: The Human Source (FHS)
HRHuman Roots (HR)
HSHeart Sutra – Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra – Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra (HS)
LYListen to Yourself, Think Everything Over (LY)
NSNirvana Sutra (NS), also called Maha Parinirvana Sutra – (unpublished draft translation)
NTCNews from True Cultivators (NTC)
OYEOpen Your Eyes, Take a Look at the World (OYE)
PBPictorial Biography of the Venerable Master Hsu Yun (PB)
PDSProper Dharma Seal (PDS)
PSSixth Patriarch’s Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra (PS)
RHCity of 10,000 Buddhas Recitation Handbook (RH)
RHSRecords of High Sanghans (RHS)
RLRecords of the Life of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua (RL)
S42Sutra in Forty-two Sections (S42)
SESong of Enlightenment (SE)
SMŚūraṅgama Mantra – Shurangama Mantra Commentary (SM)
SPVSutra of the Past Vows of Earth Store Bodhisattva – Ksitigarbha Sutra (SPV)
SSŚūraṅgama Sutra – Shurangama Sutra (SS)
SVShramanera Vinaya (Pratimoksha) Śrāmaṇera Vinaya and Rules of Deportment (SV)
TDThe Ten Dharma Realms Are not Beyond a Single Thought (TD)
TSThree Steps One Bow (TS)
TTHerein Lies the Treasure Trove (TT)
UWUniversal Worthy’s Conduct and VowsKing of Prayers Samantabhadra from Avatamsaka Sutra Chapter 40 Buddhist Text (FAS, ch. 40) (UW)
VBSVajra Bodhi Sea (VBS)
VSVajra SutraDiamond Sutra (VS)
WMWater Mirror Reflecting Heaven (WM)
WOHWith One Heart Bowing to the City of 10,000 Buddhas (WOH)
WPGWorld Peace Gathering (WPG)

Volume numbers are indicated by roman numerals.

CWSLHsüan-tsang. Ch’eng Wei-shih Lun; The Doctrine of Mere-Consciousness (CWSL)
DPPNMalalasekera, G.P., ed. Dictionary of Pāli Proper Names (Pali Text Society) (DPPN) — see Buddhist Dictionaries
EBMalalasekera, G.P., ed. Encyclopedia of Buddhism (EB) – see Buddhist Encyclopedias
HYSCHuayan Shuchao (National Master Qingliang’s Commentary on the Flower Adornment Sutra) (HYSC)
PTSDRhys Davids, T. W., ed. The Pali Text Society’s Pali-English Dictionary. (PTSD)
T.Takakusu and Watanabe, eds. Taisho shinshu Daizokyo. (T. nnnn)

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